The single biggest change, (some say that everything else is insignificant), is the gravitation toward ensuring that websites are compatible with the burgeoning numbers of mobile devices. In the few years leading up to 2016, the need for responsive web design and the emergence of HTML5 has underpinned this emergence and steered the entire industry in entirely new directions where design and code need to be compatible with both PC’s and portable devices. The latter is becoming increasingly more relevant in terms of numbers of users and therefore overall traffic.

The emergence of mobile Applications:

Without a doubt, the emergence of devices such as tablets has catalyzed (along with the influence of Android and iOS design) and reinvigorated the whole web development process. The emergence of smartphones and other portable devices has meant that a smooth web interface is now sacrosanct whether the device is mobile or not. The objective is to now replicate the portable experience on a PC or laptop, in other words, the overall design and how we use our hardware is being driven by the mobile experience. The more seamless the navigation the better

Intertwined with these developments is the emergence of increasingly higher screen resolutions and touchscreen technology (for many users this is a mixed blessing) which applies equally to portable and stand-alone setups.  As this facet of the technology becomes more refined and sophisticated users can expect the purely visual aspects of their online experience to be delivered with continually improved clarity. For web developers and programmers, this is crucial because people will be increasingly able to see and comment on even the most minor discrepancy. Taken collectively websites will continue to evolve into a more mobile and application focused medium for information exchange.

Browsers and Operating Systems

Over the last 18 months, both Google and Firefox have released their hugely popular browsers as operating systems in their own right. For people, this means they have a choice as to how they set up their whole online and computing experience. As innovation continues and languages such as HTML5 expand users can expect the best experience that the technology can offer directly from their browser. In addition, no extra plug-ins or downloads are needed and the highest standards are necessary to drive the overall digital interaction.

Getting the go-lives right

In today’s information age companies, brands and organizations will continue to ensure that their go-lives are a faultless and therefore successful experience. Web development is the overall behind the scenes process that ensures this eventuality. When mistakes happen they become inculcated into both the public and industry consciousness, meaning that the importance of web development has become more apparent. This means that the go-live launch date will be increasingly be used as an opportunity for agencies to demonstrate the importance they place on the nuts and bolts of their daily operations. In summary, you can have all the PR and promotion in the world but if your launch is an unmitigated disaster your reputation is sure to suffer.

Fonts and mobile web development

Portable devices have smaller screens than PC’s and laptops, therefore a key focus for future web development will be the overall layout of content and text font size. This will have a profound impact on overall website design and is one of the key components of responsive web design. Certain brands have even gone as far as to design their own fonts for their applications and websites

The future of web development is overwhelmingly going to be application driven; this does not mean that people will stop using their PC’s just that they no longer dominate. It means that the requirements of users who use mobile devices will supersede those of the laptop and PC user.

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  • I have been pleased to work with PixelKiosk on several projects involving informational sites on WordPress and E-Commerce sites on both Volusion and Magento. They have demonstrated expertise in both technology and design and appreciates the importance of fine details to satisfy the experience of online customers.

  • I have been working with PixelKiosk for over three years and have always found projects to be processed efficiently and to a very high standard. In addition, I have very much enjoyed getting to know my Account Manager (Atish) on a more personal level, he is a likable character with a great sense of humor!

  • PixelKiosk has twice redesigned our Historical Remedies website and continues to service and revise the site for us as needed. PixelKiosk is able to quickly translate our vision into a design that supersedes our expectations. PixelKiosk is well versed in a range of web platforms and knows how to best guide his clients to what suits their needs.

  • PixelKiosk always delivers a great product for a great price. They always strive to make sure we are 100% satisfied with the final product. I would highly recommend the Pixelkiosk team!